Top Gloria kindergarten

Top Gloria kindergarten was founded in March 2007, is a kindergarten with complete hardware facilities, beautiful environment, abundant teachers and good social reputation. The whole kindergarten has a reasonable layout and clear division of labor, with management center, teachers' office, sound and physical room, sensory room, DHR English classroom, library, science room, parents' reception room and so on. Each classroom is equipped with air conditioning, piano, TV, DVD, water dispenser, disinfection cabinet, water cup cabinet, quilt cabinet, wall cabinet, shoe cabinet and other multi-functional cabinets, and also has an independent bathroom. The kindergarten has a beautiful surrounding environment and complete activity facilities, including an EPDM ring track, sand pool, large amusement facilities and outdoor green teaching area. Teaching through fun, to lay a solid foundation for children's efficient learning and quality of life.

Teaching with fun, have a solid foundation for children's efficient learning and high level of life. Top Gloria kindergarten takes it as its responsibility to cultivate excellent children who are "hands-on, brain-based and happy to learn", and takes "Tidy, Clean, Elegant, Faithful, Trustworthy and Honest" as kindergarten style. With the joint efforts of the whole staff, Top Gloria kindergarten focuses on "character" education, boldly explores new education and teaching modes, and provides diversified learning environment for the kindergarten. Adhere to the concept of sustainable development, continue to pursue the scientific management, service quality, and strive to build our kindergarten into a children's paradise that parents trusted and children loved.