Company profile Milestone

Glory Chen International was formerly a shoe factory known as George Shoe Corporation established in 1979 in Taiwan. The company has over 40 years of exquisiteshoe-making techniques and has evolvedinto different businesses such as tannery, retail and education sector.

Since its establishment, the company has its own in-house design/development and manufacturing for men’s, women's, and children’s footwear. We provide excellent and consistent quality with comfortable fit to our clients. We delivered shoes to the U.S., China, Europe, and Japan. Working with world leading clients like Burberry, NORDSTROM, Cole Haan and etc., we stand not only in the position of a quality manufacturer, but also think in the perspective of retailers forend consumers, andto put forward constructive and professional advice, for long term partnership. Over the years, the company hasevolved into wholesale and retail in the U.S., China and Japan with our own brands: LINEA Paolo, My Glory, GCI,Top Gloria, and Lisa Vicky.

The company’s vision is to uphold seeking truth from facts, and is committed to getting to the root of every detail, and aiming at absolute perfection. We adhere to the "nine motto" from the founder:"TIDINESS AND ORDERLINESS, EDUCATION&TRAINING, PRO-ACTION, OPERATE FLEXIBLY, SEEK TRUTH FROM FACTS, GET TO THE ROOT OF THE MATTER, AIM AT ABSOLUTE PERFECTION, INHERIT THE PAST&USHER IN THE FUTURE, INHERIT TRADITIONS AND BREAK NEW GROUNDS FOR THE FUTURE”, Everyone in the company embraces the motto, and with that navigate the group into the future!